Areas of Expertise


The Orion Investment & Advisory area has a team with proven experience in corporate finance, organized and specialized by sectors of the economy, with a high understanding of the financing structures available.

Orion provides financial advisory services in capital market transactions, structured credit operations, mergers and acquisitions (M & A), private placements, debt issuance in Brazil and abroad, as well as other products customized to the needs of its clients.

- Mergers and acquisitions

Orion presents original strategic alternatives geared to the needs of its clients, offering advisory services in the sale, acquisition and merger of assets and companies. Orion acts independently and directly with shareholders, executives and investors in the feasibility analysis and structuring of operations and final contracts.

- Debt Restructuring

Orion advises its clients, with a high level of leverage and / or an inadequate debt profile, to renegotiate the terms and conditions of their debts with the financial and operating creditors, in the search for a better capital structure of the equalization between cash generation and the amortization of its liabilities.

- Private Placement

Orion seeks partners and ideal partners for its clients in the pursuit of strategic divestment of shareholding interests, advising them both on the valuation of their assets and on conducting negotiations with investors.


Orion is building a Resource Manager to form a team with proven financial market experience for all market segments. The management of resources shall comply with the following principles and parameters:

- Excellence

Seeking to produce consistent returns through concrete and fundamentalist studies and an active management policy, Orion's Resource Manager will seek selective and exclusive customer service in different themes and strategies, always respecting the policies defined in the regulations of the funds.

- Risk management

Recognizing that long-term return is also a product of the power to limit short-term losses, the Orion Resource Manager will maintain a rigorous risk management policy that is actively controlled by non-management partners, avoiding conflicts of interest.

- Alignment of Expectations

The proximity to the investor client will be a priority of the Orion Resource Manager, which seeks to combine a performance culture with a differentiated service. All funds have resources from Orion members, generating a total alignment of interests.


Orion advises its clients on all phases of the project. Our work includes the survey of the business opportunity, study of projects, bidding processes and structuring of funding. In addition, Orion seeks to identify the interests of the public entity and the local users seeking to transform the project into a political return for the local managers.

In the infrastructure sector, Orion develops private projects and PPPs in Brazil and abroad in the areas of transportation, energy, urban mobility, integrated parking solutions, environmental solutions and Oil & Gas. The Company is currently developing projects in African and Latin American countries.

In the Real Estate sector, Orion develops real estate projects and multipurpose complexes with partners from several sectors, including equipment such as hotels, shopping malls, logistics complexes, commercial and residential areas throughout Brazil.

In order to capitalize on its clients, Orion also develops outsourcing projects through Build-to-Suit (BTS) or Sale and Leaseback (SLB) operations to optimize its capital structure.


Focusing on investments in important sectors of the economy, Orion's strategy considers aspects relevant to emerging markets, such as low liquidity, growth, sector-specific dynamics, consolidation and increased corporate governance.

In addition, the company's professionals have a long-term relationship with corporations, boutique firms, corporations, regional brokers, private equity investors, high-income segment investors, family groups, entrepreneurs and resource management teams throughout the world. This network is a valuable platform to create investment opportunities.