Comitê Executivo

(+) Leonardo Calado de Brito

Leonardo Brito, has 25 years of experience in the financial market and executive positions.

Leonardo is a founding partner of Orion Investments.

Prior to founding Orion Leonardo worked in the OAS Group for 7 years, where he was responsible for start-up operations in Africa and the Middle East, with works in 10 countries. Before that, he directed the group's Project Finance division in 16 countries in Latin America. He managed for 3 years the business development division of Brasil Telecom (Oi S.A) in Brasilia. Leonardo worked for 3 years at Citibank in New York in the divisions of Project Finance and Market data.

Leonardo Brito is an electrical engineer with a master's degree at Babson College in Boston, USA.

(+) Gustavo Schahin

Gustavo Schahin, Partner of ORION Investments. 

Previously, Mr. Schahin was one of the pioneers in the development and prospection of the FIX Protocol throughout Brazil by allowing its clients to trade in the BMF and BOVESPA exchanges, electronically DMA (Direct Market Access) in 2002 - after Mr. Schahin was once again the pioneer in bringing real-time electronic business to non-resident clients, he joined Bovespa as a member of the International Committee in 2007 where he helped draft new rules and procedures to make global trade of stock market assets in Brazil simple and affordable, with more than 17 years of experience in the capital markets, became a partner of Orion in 2014.

Gustavo Schahin is an administrator of companies formed by Franklin University Switzerland.

(+) André Antunes

Andre Antunes, Partner of ORION Investments and responsible for the Orion office in Vienna, Austria. 

André was Managing Director of OAS Energy GmbH, the Austrian subsidiary responsible for OAS Group's logistics, foreign trade and international procurement operations. He has long experience in the development and financial structuring of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in Brazil and abroad (eg Porto Maravilha, Via Parque Rímac).

André also held executive positions in the areas of controllability, internal controls and financial planning, as well as having served for 7 years as a tax advisor at Deloitte in corporate restructuring projects, M & A transactions and international tax planning.

André is an attorney and accountant with an international executive master's degree from the Carlson School of Management (Minnesota University) and Vienna University.