The Company

Who we are

We have offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Vienna(Áustria); furthermore the company operates as a global business platform, with a strong presence in Latin America and Africa..

Our team of executives is formed by professionals with multidisciplinary capacity, with deep capacity in origination, structuring and execution of projects, aligned with the objectives and needs of our clients and investors.


To be a solid resource management and business development company that, under high governance standards and strong corporate culture, generates a differentiated financial return for our shareholders and investors.


To be one of the leading investment groups in Latin America by 2020, supporting, creating and developing companies, especially in the sectors of Infrastructure, Real Estate, Energy & Natural Resources and Innovative Business


Orion's core values are respect for its employees, customers, ethics, innovation, meritocracy, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and commitment to its employees to enable them to maximize their capabilities

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Risk management

Orion's philosophy is to be conservative in its performance. To this end, it adopts practices and policies that enable it to carry out its activities with levels of risk aligned with its capital and its operational execution capacity.

The established structure seeks to promote adequate understanding and visualization of the business risks, so that it can be identified and treated preventively, in relation to the existing risks and potential future risks of the project.

The risk management process is centralized in the Executive Committee. This unit serves all the companies that make up the Orion Group, thus allowing a strategic and broad view of the risk to which the group is exposed in line with best market practices.


It proactively seeks compliance with laws and regulations, based on national and international best practices, as well as managing controls and procedures to minimize risk and ensure transparency for Orion, its employees, investors and customers.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Orion promotes cultural and social initiatives always through subsidies to institutes and organizations of unimpeachable reputation.

Orion also seeks to practice ecologically responsible actions in the real estate developments in which it develops. From the choice of "green" building to its facilities and selective waste collection to internal campaigns of conscious use of electricity, water consumption and reduction of impressions.